Quality policy

Quality standards of all our products bearing our brand, Starting from the procurement stage,to ensure that every step from reaching the final consumer is carried out in accordance with the requirements of the quality management system.
With all our customers who meet and brand our brand, to create a long-term and lasting partnership with our quality service after shot and after sales.
To achieve maximum customer satisfaction by making our domestic and foreign customers proud of the power and quality of our brand.
To continuously increase the recognition and quality of our brand by supporting innovative and creative ideas.
To manage and continuously improve all our processes with the awareness of the learning organization and the participation of our employees.
We see education and training as our primary responsibility for social development.
Current technologies, to ensure that our high standards are achieved in the most appropriate time, cost and quality by using all of our processes and applications and continuously improving our employees. In our investments and activities, all stakeholders to achieve the highest level of achieving the social responsibility principle by acting in accordance with the requirements, at the same time to provide social benefits. .