Etikal Packaging industry principled, has always aimed to keep the quality line at the highest level in an honest service concept,is focused on customer satisfaction and valued customers with the appreciation and support of high quality product guarantee.
Packaging that takes up a small part of the entire production process, ultimately it will be one of the main factors in the sale of that product. Many studies examining consumers' buying habits; showed that the label and packaging of the product had an effect of up to 80% on the purchase decision.
In fact, packaging is the identity of your product; introduces it to the receiver. It is outfit; must impress those who see it at first glance and convince them of the quality of your product.
It is silent salesman; It sells your product on the shelf silently by informing it with its content and affecting it with its appeal.
As a result, the packing should be able to highlight your product and look as effective as any vendor.